Competition Results

100 Reg DTL 23/5/21

22 May 2021

We had a great start to the day, perfect really but then by mid morning the wind picked up and it was tricky conditions, but it was great to see so many of you again and we had some more new faces yet again today, so thanks to those for making the effort and coming to say hello!!

High Gun today with an impressive 100/299 was Mr. TR Robinson.


1st P Turner 100/298

2nd= M Turner 100/292

            D Price 98/292


1st S Dutton 98/291

2nd K Waters 97/289

3rd P Thomas 97/286


1st A Ellison 97/286

2nd= M Boon, K Barningham & Mac Donald             /285 


1st E Whitehead 96/284

2nd S Vella  95/283

3rd S Scudderb96/281

thanks for coming over everyone!!!

remember that the next reg. DTL is canccelled as we are at  The Bywell Weekend, so the next 100 Reg, will be the 27th June, so get booked on !! thatks again

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane.

thanks to the staff!!  

100 Reg DTL 9/5/21

8 May 2021

it's been another good day, all be it a little on the breezy side, which was coming straight up the field towards us. That didn't have much of an effect for the High Gun today with an impressive 100/298 which went to Mr KT Gunter well shot!!


1st =RJ Collins 100/295

          SM Gardener 99/295

          CW Moule 99/295


1st G Taylor 99/294

2nd = J Barnett 99/293

             OJ Collins 99/293

             I Mills 99/293


1st T Hurstfield 99/294

2nd M Warburton 96/284

3rd DA Waring 96/280


1st = J Hitchmough & S Goth 96/283

3rd PG Kelly 96/281

thanks to everyone that came to see us today, we had some new faces again today so lets hope we see you again soon. 

the next shoot is on the 23rd May and then the one after that should have been the 13th June but we are going to be closed on the 11th, 12th & 13th June but we will see you all at Bywell!! then back to normal..

thanks to the staff as always !!!

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane

100 Reg DTL

24 Apr 2021

It was another great day today all be it a bit chilly, but we had some more good scores again.

the High Gun today was won by Mr C Moule with a 100/299, great shooting Chris!!


1st = Mr R Collins & Mr D Price 100/298

3rd Mr M Jeminson 99/295


1st Mr A Greenstock 100/297

2nd Mr P Mills 99/295

3rd = Mr G Jenkins, Mr K Waters & Mr I Mills 99/293


1st Mr T LLoyd 100/295

2nd Mr M Warburton 98/289

3rd = Mr T Moir & Mr D Waring 97/286


1st Mr PG Kelly 98/286

2nd Mr S Goth 95/281

3rd Mr J Kingston 96/279

Many thanks to everyone for coming over today, it was a great day and good to see you all, some had travelled some distance to be here.

thank you to the staff for all there hard work!!!!

Dave, helen, Toby and Jane

18/04/2021 West Mids Area Championship & Cheshire DTL Selection Shoot

17 Apr 2021

Well the weather was kind today!!, Unlike the Motorway!!!!, appoliges for the long day everyone.

in the end there were some fantastic scores in and congatulations to everyone.

West Mids Area Champion was won by Mr D Price with 100/300 who also took High Gun and the Prize pot of £65 

Silver  Mr C Moule

Bronze Mr M Harris


Gold Mr R Haines

Silver Mr J Barnett

Bronze Mr M Warburton


Gold Ms J Hitchmough

Silver Mrs S Millroy

Bronze Ms N Booth


Gold J Shipton

Silver T Hurstfield

Bronze Z Mansell


1st =P Turner & RE Jones 100/299

3rd P Chaplow 100/298

1st P Relph 100/297

2nd J Barnett 99/296

3rd P Richards 99/294


1st M Warburton 100/295

2nd = D Waring 98/291 & RC Thomas 99/291


1st J Shipton 99/287

2nd = J Tennison 98/284 & J Hitchmough 97/284

many thanks again to everyone for the day it was a good day!!

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane

100 Reg. DTL

10 Apr 2021

welcome back !

it was our first shoot back and it was a pleasure to see everyone, and we weren't disapointed with the scores !!! 

High Gun today was Mr D Price with the same score all that time ago 99/297 good shooting!!

then in AA, this was won by a Colt with his first 100 straight, congratulations must be said to 

1st MJ Paley 100/296

2nd DG Baugh 100/295

3rd C Moule 99/294


1st S Dutton 99/295

2nd= J Ashford, RG Lewis, P Relph 99/294


1st RC Thomas 99/293

2nd T Hurstfield 98/287

3rd N Booth 96/285


1st B Goldstraw 98/284

2nd S Vella 93/271

3rd J Tennison 93/269

many thanks to everyone for your support and thanks to the staff for a great job today!.

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane

100 Reg DTL Xmas bottle shoot and fourth in the winter series

27 Dec 2020

I think we'd had the storm that was due in the night instead so it was lovely day after all, the best shooter of the dayturned out to be MR D Price with a great score of 99/297, all the Prizes today were Bottles for the Xmas shoot


1st S M Gardener 100/294

2nd= C Moule 97/287 & LJ Furber 96/287


1st S Dutton 99/293

2nd JC Yarwood 98/292

3rd AG Pownall 100/291


1st A Sage 95/282

2nd I Kippax 95/276

3rd M Warburton 94/274


1st S Goth 97/279

2nd S Milroy 91/267

3rd J KIngston 90/261

many thanks everyone for coming and we'll see you on 10th Jan Hopefully!!. 

see you soon thanks

Dave, Helen, Jane and Toby

100 Reg. DTL 13/12/2020

13 Dec 2020

Welcome back everyone to Holmes Chapel SG, it was great to see so many famililar faces, there were testing conditions today but there was still some good scores to be had, 

High Gun today with a very respectable was Phil Mills with 100/297

AA £50

1st PA Davies 100/296

2nd M Turner 98/293

3rd = P Parker 100/292, WL Andrews & DG Baugh 99/292

A £115

1st C Bushell 100/295

2nd P Relph 98/293

3rd R Faulknetr 99/292

B £65

1st M Warburton 98/284

2nd = T Moir & THurstfield 93/273

C £ 75

1st MC Boon 98/285

2nd S Goth 96/284

3rd SM Scudder 95/277

many thanks to you all for coming today, the next shoot is the 27th Dec .

we'd like to say a Massive thanks to all the staff and a very happy xmas to you all. 

Happy Xmas from David,Helen, Toby and Jane

100 Reg DTL Second of the Winter Series

24 Oct 2020

It was the second shoot of the Winter Series today, we started with some Sun then rain but there was a good head wind all day, this made the targets a bit of a challenge but that didnt cause Mr SM Gardener a problem 100/299 great shooting Sean

todays scores 

H/G 100/299 SM Gardener

AA £35

1st RJ Collins 100/296

2nd C Moule 99/294

3rd RJ Haines 97/288

A £105

1st P Parker 100296

2nd S Fiddler 99/293

3rd= GD Evans & K Waters 98/290

B £70

1st R Gallagher 99/287

2nd T Moir 96/284

3rd JC Yarwood 95/281

C £90

1st J Kingston 94/274

2nd P Kelly 94/272

3rd S Clark 92/269

thank you for all coming and with luck we'll see you again on the 8th November !!!

thanks to all the staff great job today as usual 

100 Reg DTL and the first of our Winter Series

10 Oct 2020

We have had a wonderful day today and it actually stopped raining for a few hours !!!,

So that Mr N Chapman could take the High Gun prize with 100/297, great shooting, and thanks for coming..

Not many in AA today, hence;

AA £40

1st C W Moule 100/296

2nd P Relph 99/294

3rd SM Gardener 99/292

A £95

1st = I Foster & I Mills on 99/293

3rd = S Fiddler 99/291 & P Mills 97/291

B £80

1st R Shirt 99/294

2nd T Hurstfield 97/289

3rd T Moir 96/287

C £95

1st PG Kelly 98/285

2nd S Goth 96/279

3rd A P Charlesworth-Simpson 92/271

thank you for your continued support through these difficult times, We hope to see you all again soon, 

thanks to the Reffs who do a great job for us!!!!

all the best Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane

100 Reg DTL Sunday 27th Sept.

26 Sep 2020

it was a lovely at Holmes Chapel today, and we had quiet a good turnout even though the National Inter Counties is on today as well.

the High Gun £53 today was won jointly between Mr SM Gardener and Mr L McHugh on 99/294

AA £20

1st RM Faulkner 95/282

A £85

1st R Simpson 99/291

2nd = W Palmer 99/289

          & M Cliffe 98/289

B £55

1st T Warburton 98/290

2nd DA Waring 97/286

3rd = I Kippax & RC Thomas 97/284

C £55

1st R McHugh 93/272

2nd M Boon 92/268

3rd = SP Clark 92/262

         & J Owen 90/262

thank you to everyone that came, and we hope to see you next time, this will be the first of the Winter Series .


Dave,Helen,Toby and Jane