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Competition Results

100 DTL and The Grand Final of our Winter Series

Welcome everyone, and what agreat day we've had for the Grand Final of our Winter Series, lovely conditions made for some great shooting, but that didn't change a lot of the runners.

Before we get to the results we would like to thank you all for your support through the winter of our series and good shooting through the summer, with such a lot on we hope to bump into you all at some point!

Now for the all important results!

With an impossible score to Beat the High Gun for the series was Mr P Turner, congratulations to Paul for an outstanding winter!


1st P Chaplow

2nd D Price

3rd C Moule


1st W Palmer

2nd D Taylor

3rd K Waters


1st N Farnsworth 

2nd DA Owen

3rd Pat Kelly


1st A Sage

2nd S Scudder

3rd A Milroy


S Milroy

again thanks to you all

Now for the rest of the results

High Gun today went to Mr C Moule & Mr P Cerri both on a brilliant 100/299!!!!!


1st = D Price 100/296, P Turner 99/296 & L Wilcoxson 99/296

3rd = S Gardener 98/285 & K Bond 97/285

1st W Palmer 100/295

2nd C Bushell 99/293

3rd J Ruane 97/287


1st R McKay 98/287

2nd P Kelly 95/275

3rd = A Ellison 94/274 & A Sage 93/275


1st C Holden 93/276

2nd J Owen 90/265

3rd S Scudder 90/263

100 Reg DTL Winter series

26 Feb 2023

Great day at Holmes Chapel SG, bit of a chilly wind but when the sun came out it was nice, Mr N Chapman took the early running with a cracking 100/299, but unfortunately this wasn't enough, with the perfect 100/300 Mr C Moule took the High Gun , congratulations to Chris for a cracking shoot!!!

so to the classes;


1st N Chapman 100/299

2nd = P Chaplow 100/296, P Turner 99/296 & D Price 99/296


1st K Waters 97/288

2nd E Pritchard 97/286

3rd= RM Evans 96/285, W Palmer 97/285 & D Taylor 97/285


1st T Moir 96/283

2nd= J Simmons 95/280 & S Smith 95/280


1st S Scudder 95/277

2nd S Goth 91/264

3rd D Blythe 88/261

NEXT WEEKEND Sunday 5th March 100 DTL Last of our winter series !!!!!!!

Many thanks to everyone that came today, hopefully you enjoyed your time this us, and your shooting!!

thank you to all the staff as always!!

See you all next sunday , Dave,Helen, Toby and Jane...

100 Reg DTL Winter series

12 Feb 2023

We have had a wonderful day, lots of new faces coming to join us, and the weather wa also on our side as well. This gave us some great results with Three shooters all getting the High Gun, these were 

Mr P Turner, Mr E Armett and Mrs E Holden-Hardy on 100/298. Even Better for Emma as she only collected her new gun Yesterday!!!. Congratulations to the three of you....

Here's the best of the rest in the classes;


1st Mr P Chaplow 99/296

2nd = C moule 98/292 & A Evans 99/292


1st = E Furber 99/297 & W Palmer 100/297

3rd J Titterington 99/293


1st D Owen 97/286

2nd K Hudson 97/282

3rd = B Whitehead 96/280 & N Farnsworth 94/280


1st S Goth 93/270

2nd = J Owen 91/267 & R McKay 92/267

As always we'd like to thank you all very much for coming to shoot at our ground and we hope that you enjoyed your day with us.

aslo many thanks as always to all the  staff for there hard work today!!!!!!

see you all agian soon!

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane


100 Reg DTL

22 Jan 2023

We Have had a wonderfull day with lots of great shooting, The best shot of the day was Mr C Woolley with a great 100/297, congratulations Curtis !!!!

The Classes are as follows;


1st P Turner 

2nd = P Relph & C Moule 98/292


1st D Taylor 100/296

2nd C Bushell 97/288

3rd R Thomas 97/286


1st C Bebbington 96/280

2nd S Smith 93/273

3rd A Sage & D Owen 94/271


1st J Bailey 88/262

2nd = J Eastbury 90/256 & J Owen 88/256

As always we'd like to thank the ref's rot there hard work in the cold!! and to you all for coming out, thanks. 

Next shoot will be on the 12th Feb, see you all then!!!

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane

100 DTL winter series

We had a great day despite the wind and rain, with lots of people that had travelled here for the weekend. We hope you enjoyed it at our shooting ground. 

The High Gun of the day was Mr P Chaplow with an outstanding score in the conditions of 100/297, congratulations to Paul !!!!!

Here's the rest of the classes;


1st P Turner 99/294

2nd D Priestman 98/292

3rd P Sant 98/291


1st W Palmer 98/291

2nd P Mills 97/289

3rd A Pownall 97/286


1st N Farnsworth 94/279

2nd B Whitehead 94/277

3rd D Owen 95/274

1st J Hindle 91/267

2nd R McKay 93/263

3rd K Jones 85/249

as always we must thank all the staff for a brilliant job !!!, and to you our customers for making the effort to come here!!

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane

100 Reg DTL & Xmas Bottle Shoot

27 Dec 2022

What a wonderful day, everyone was in good spirits despite the wind which did make it a bit challenging !

But never the less we did get a good result for High Gun, this went to Mr P Turner with a very good score of 100/297, great shooting Paul!!!!

As for the classes, here you are;


1st D Price 99/296

2nd T Robinson 100/295

3rd E Holden Hardy 97/289


1st G Jenkins 100/295

2nd W Palmer 99/290

3rd J Johnson 97/288

1st D Owen 95/280

2nd D Brent 92/269

3rd K McGillivray 92/267

1st J Hindle 91/265

2nd J Owen 90/260

3rd N Passey 89/259

Many thanks to everyone that came today, we did have a lot of shooters who were poorly and couldn't make it, so get well soon!!!

Happy New Year to one and all!

Thanks for everyone that have supported us throughout the year, and here's to what should be a cracker next year!!!    All the best to you all.

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane.

100 Reg DTL number 4 of The Winter Series

11 Dec 2022

Thank you to everyone that came today, it turned out to be yet  another cracking day for DTL here at HCSG. 

The High Gun today was none other than Mr P Chaplow with a fantastic 100/298!!!

Congratulations to Paul ..

In the classes the results are:


1st = D Price, E Holden & S Gardener with 100/297

3rd C Moule 99/296


1st G Jenkins 99/296

2nd J Barnett 99/292

3rd RC Lewis 99/287


1st C Bebbington 95/282

2nd = E Whitehead 94/278 & C Whitehead 95/278


1st = J Owen 91/271, S Goth 93/271 & S Scudder 94/271.

3rd J Hitchmough 91/266

Thanks again for your support over the last tweleve months, we'd be nothing without you!,

I hope you will join us and thanking the staff for everything they've done as well !!!!

we'll see you all after Xmas, have a wonderful few days, and shooting begins on Tuesday 27th for 100 Reg DTL.

Thanks to you all Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane.

100 Reg DTL Winter series 3

27 Nov 2022

We have had a fabulous day, great weather, great people and even greater scores!!, but the one no one could beat was Mr P Turner on that grearest of scores 100/300! Well shot Paul..

Here's the results for the classes;


1st T Robinson 100/298

2nd C Moule 99/295

3rd P Relph 98/292


1st S Fiddler 100/294

2nd D Taylor 98/292

3rd J Johnson 98/288


1st P Kelly 98/290

2nd S Goth 97/285

3rd D Waring 95/285


1st A Cliffe 93/270

2nd A Milroy 91/269

3rd A Sage 92/267

As always a massive thanks to all the staff for there suport and hard work!!!

Aslo obviously without you our shooters we wouldn't be where we are today!!, so a big thanks goes to you yourselves...

see you all next time !!!

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane..

100 DTL Winter Series number2

13 Nov 2022

A Great day today, a cloudy start with not much breaze made an good start to the day ahead. We stopped at 11:00 to commemorate  Remembrance Sunday. Thank you to everyone for acknowledging the 2 mins silence.

We had some brilliant results with Mr P Turner on 100/297 sharing High Gun and First in AA with Mr P Relph on 99/297


2nd = P Chaplow100/296 & PMeakin 99/296


1st = K Waters 100/294 & S Dutton 99/294

3rd D Taylor 97/288


1st = D Waring 98/285 & S Milroy 96/285

3rd = P Grugel & P Harrison 96/283

1st A Milroy 93/273

2nd A Sage 92/268

3rd N Passey 91/265

We have to say a massive thanks to all the staff for all there hard work today!!!

and to all of you for coming to us.

many thanks Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane.

100 Reg DTL first of the Winter Series and The Jim Holden Memorial Trophy Shoot

23 Oct 2022

What a turn out for the Jim Holden Memorial Trophy, despite the constant deluge this morning !!!, never the less everyone was in great form and the scores were looking good !

In Fact in the end they were perfect, with another one of those 100/300's coming in for Mr D Price, Dan recieved a wonderful Trophy and £100 from the Holden family..along with the High Gun and the 100/300 prize pot!!

heres the class results;


1st R Haines 100/299

2nd M Turner 100/297

3rd = P Meakin 100/296 & D Garrett 99/296 


1st = D Baugh & G Sayles 294

3rd M Jones 290


1st D Waring 293

2nd A Hilton 289

3rd N Farnsworth 280


1st A Sage 285

2nd C Holden 284

3rd S Scudder 272

Thank You to everyone that came and supported the Holden family today, it was a wonderful day!!!

as always i'd like to thanks all the staff for a great day well done to you all!!!

Next shoot is on the 13th Nov and is the second of the winter series.


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