Competition Results

100 Reg DTL Second of the Winter Series

It was the second shoot of the Winter Series today, we started with some Sun then rain but there was a good head wind all day, this made the targets a bit of a challenge but that didnt cause Mr SM Gardener a problem 100/299 great shooting Sean

todays scores 

H/G 100/299 SM Gardener

AA £35

1st RJ Collins 100/296

2nd C Moule 99/294

3rd RJ Haines 97/288

A £105

1st P Parker 100296

2nd S Fiddler 99/293

3rd= GD Evans & K Waters 98/290

B £70

1st R Gallagher 99/287

2nd T Moir 96/284

3rd JC Yarwood 95/281

C £90

1st J Kingston 94/274

2nd P Kelly 94/272

3rd S Clark 92/269

thank you for all coming and with luck we'll see you again on the 8th November !!!

thanks to all the staff great job today as usual 

100 Reg DTL and the first of our Winter Series

We have had a wonderful day today and it actually stopped raining for a few hours !!!,

So that Mr N Chapman could take the High Gun prize with 100/297, great shooting, and thanks for coming..

Not many in AA today, hence;

AA £40

1st C W Moule 100/296

2nd P Relph 99/294

3rd SM Gardener 99/292

A £95

1st = I Foster & I Mills on 99/293

3rd = S Fiddler 99/291 & P Mills 97/291

B £80

1st R Shirt 99/294

2nd T Hurstfield 97/289

3rd T Moir 96/287

C £95

1st PG Kelly 98/285

2nd S Goth 96/279

3rd A P Charlesworth-Simpson 92/271

thank you for your continued support through these difficult times, We hope to see you all again soon, 

thanks to the Reffs who do a great job for us!!!!

all the best Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane

100 Reg DTL Sunday 27th Sept.

it was a lovely at Holmes Chapel today, and we had quiet a good turnout even though the National Inter Counties is on today as well.

the High Gun £53 today was won jointly between Mr SM Gardener and Mr L McHugh on 99/294

AA £20

1st RM Faulkner 95/282

A £85

1st R Simpson 99/291

2nd = W Palmer 99/289

          & M Cliffe 98/289

B £55

1st T Warburton 98/290

2nd DA Waring 97/286

3rd = I Kippax & RC Thomas 97/284

C £55

1st R McHugh 93/272

2nd M Boon 92/268

3rd = SP Clark 92/262

         & J Owen 90/262

thank you to everyone that came, and we hope to see you next time, this will be the first of the Winter Series .


Dave,Helen,Toby and Jane

100 Reg DTL and The War of the Roses

Hi everyone, its been an amazing weekend for us, we'd like to say thank you to you all for your support!

Hi Gun today was won with 100/300 with quite a decsent sfiff wind, Congratulations to Mr P Chaplow on the perfect score, he recieved £100 H/G and the Prize pot of £80

the two day prize was spilt with Mr P Chaplow for the Sunday and Mr D Price for the Saturday, they recieved £100 each

AA-£155 prize pot

1st = Mr K Bond & AL Parish 100/298

3rd = PN Meakin, D Price & CW Moule


1st = C Kitchen 99/293 & S Kirby 98/293

3rd = RJ Holden 99/292 & I Forster 98/292


1st G Sayles 97/287

2nd G Anderson 96/282

3rd M Warburton 95/281

C -£65

1st PH Thompson 92/271

2nd DH Bontoft

3rd= S Scudder 91/262 & N Booth 90/262

Malmo Gun donated a prize to Ldys H/G which went to C Kitchen, "C" Class winner PH Thompson & Jnrs H/G which was O Collins who also recieved a prize from Total Interiors for this as well.

The War of the Roses was won By Yorkshire Team who each  Recieved a prize from Corsivia Clays, congratulations to all of those.

we'd just like to say thank you to everyone who'd got behind the Raffle, it was GREAT.

Lastly David, Helen, Toby and Jane hope you enjoyed your weekend with us!!

thanks to everyone that made the effort to come in these times

thank you

Sat 12th Sept 100 Reg. DTL

its was a really great day with loads of new faces from all over the uk. Welcome to you, But it was some of the more regular Shooters hitting the big scores, after a 114 bird shootoff where we tried single barrel and eventualy by moving the pegs back we got a winner.

High Gun was won by Mr D Price 100/299 -114 to take the £100 

AA-£125 prize money

1st Mr D Garrett 100/299

2nd = Mr J Bridges & Mr C Moule100/298

3rd  Mr NP Chapman 99/296


1st Mr S Kirby 100/298

2nd Mr C Bushell 99/295

3rd = Mr O Collins, Mr C Harris 99/293 & Mr P Greenwood 98/293


1st Mr G Sayles & Mr JC Yarwood 98/290

3rd Ms J Hitchmough 97/286


1st Mrs S Millroy 96/280

2nd Miss N Booth 95/275

3rd Mr M Boon 93/269

the High Gun for JNR was Mr O Collins 99/293. this was a prize donated by Total Interiors 

many thanks to them for there support ,

we would like to thank everyone thats got behind this weekend with there gratitude and support, its made a massive differance to the whole thing.

The main attraction is tomorrow, hope it goes as well !!!!

thanks to you all

Dave, Helen,Toby and Jane

100 reg DTL

It was great to see you all today, we hope that you all had a good days shooting!!

The scores were pretty impressive as well !!

High gun today was won by Mr SM Gardener and Mr P Parker with 100/299 congratulations gentlemen..

unfortunatly that means they have to share the £75!!

AA - £60

1st - £30 P Relph 100/298

2nd - £20 K Bond 100/297

3rd - £10 CW Moule 99/296

A -£130

1st-£60 J Ruane 99/296

2nd-£40 C Bushell 99/295

3rd-£30 W Palmer 99/294

B -£70

1st-£40 T Lloyd 98/292

2nd-£20 T Hurstfield 98/287

3rd-£10 DA Waring 97/286

C -£70

1st-£40} = £60 AP Charlesworth,SPClark

2nd-£20} =        & PG Kelly 94/275 

3rd-£10 MC Boon 94/271

Today was also the Hereford and Worcester DTL County Champs, there were pretty good scores in this as well, but the Snr Champion had to be decided by shoot off between CW Moule and J Ruane 100/296 

Mr J Ruane won the shoot off to take the title, JNR winner was T Burns 99/292 Vets Mr T Lloyd 98/292

many thanks to everyone that came from far and wide!! and to all the staff for your help..

Dave,Helen,Toby and Jane

100 Reg DTL 9/8/2020

we had a lovely day today, lots of new faces as well!! thanks for coming, and hope top see you again soon!!

it was great weather which was a bonus and there were quite a few good results that came in!

High Gun today with a rather impresive 100/299 was won jointly between Mr M Clark and Mr P Chaplow,

well shot gentlemen.

AA (£55)

1st = J Barnett & RC Lewis 100/298

3rd = C Moule 100/297 & P Relph 99/299

A (£135)

1st = OJ Collins & K Waters 99/295

3rd W Palmer 100/294

B (£80)

1st PE Jesson 99/293

2nd T Warburton 99/291

3rd RC Thomas 98/289

C (£60)

1st SP Clark 97/286

2nd R McHugh 94/275

3rd R McKay 93/268

a great big thanks to all the staff for there hard work today!!

thanks everyone, Dave,Helen, Toby and Jane..

100 Reg DTL and Cheshire DTL Championships

Well what a day, who'd have beleived how windy it became...

it didnt deter some of you though, there were 14, 100 straights today, great shooting everyone, the best was Mr. C Moule with 100/299 great shooting Chris!!


1st =  K Bond &  A Greenstock 100/298

3rd = D Price & R Haines 100/297


1st = C Bushell & G Nutter 99/294

3rd = A Halln100/293 & C Harris 99/293


1st M Warburton 99/293

2nd PE Jesson 98/289

3rd DA Owen 98/283


1st M Boon 94/277

JTennison 92/268

S Milroy 92/267

Now for the Cheshire Championship!

Cheshire Champ was Mr P Relph 295

SNR Winner was Mr C Bushell 294

Veteran Winner was Mr J Barnett 289

Ladies Winner was Mrs. J Bushell 289

Junior Winner was Mst T Hurstfield 282

there were 33 Cheshire shooters, which was a great turn out, many thanks to everyone that came today.

We'd just like to say thanks and we hope you enjoyed your day with us, hope to see you soon,


Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane...

100 REG DTL Comp

Many thanks to everyone that came today, with lots of new faces, we hope that you enjoyed yourselves!

the weather was very kind to us and there were lots of you posting great scores!

High Gun today was won by SM Gardner and M Harris jointly with 100/298 well done gentlemen Great Score.

AA (£75)

1st = P Relph & P Turner 99/296

3rd D Garrett 99/295

A (£125)

1st CM Bushell 100/297

2nd CM Harris 99/295

3rd E Furber 99/294

B (£85)

1st RC Thomas 99/294

2nd PE Jesson 98/291

3rd T Warburton 100/288

C (£90)

1st S Millroy 97/284

2nd SP Clark 91/269

3rd PG Kelly 94/267

we would like tom say a massive thanks to the reff's for all there hard work, for without them we wouldnt have a shoot!!!!

Toby and Molly were Great and Mum and Poppy did a great job as well, many thanks to all our staff and family !!

Dave and Helen xxx

100 Reg DTL and Winter series Final 28th June

It was the Winter Series Final today and it was just like Winter!!

It didn't stop some good shooting though!, which meant some workings out as all the Classes were very tight.

With the overall winner been Mr M Cliffe, 


1st P Parker

2nd R J Collins

3rd P Relph

1st After a shoot off, O J Collins

2nd CM Bushell

3rd G Taylor


1st G Nutter

2nd K Barningham

3rd M Warburton


1st E Percival

2nd N Booth

3rd T Hurstfield


1st E Percival

2nd N Booth

3rd J Hitchmough

In the Reg. 100 DTL the High Gun went to Mr Alan Hall on a fantastic 100/297


1st M Clark 100/296

2nd = P Chaplow 100/295 and C Moule 99/295


1st M Cliffe 99/292

2nd G Nutter 99/291

3rd CM Bushell 96/288


1st M Warburton 95/278

2nd E Percival 92/270

3rd S Edmond 92/268


1st N Booth 90/266

2nd S Millroy 90/262

3rd S Goth 89/259

we payed out 

AA - £85

A - £90

B - £55

C -£50

thanks everyone it was a great day despite the wind!!!

thanks to all the staff who were great and specail thanks to Pete for stepping in at last minute.

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