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Competition Results

100 Reg DTL & Cheshire Selection Shoot

23 Jun 2024

What an Amazing day! Really Good  conditions made for a great days shooting, as you will see fromm the results!

It was great to see some new faces again, from Wales, Scotland and even New Zealand, we hope you enjoyed your time with us!

We had a Joint High Gun today with a Brilliant score of 100/297 Congratulations to Paul Chaplow and Paul Meakin, great shooting Gentlemen !!!!!!!



1st = C Heathcote 99/297 & D Price 100/297

3rd E Armett 99/296


1st = R Collins 100/295 & P Sant 99/295

3rd = C Bushell 100/294 & P Mills 99/294


1st D Owen 99/295

2nd = C Whitehead 98/292 & J Kind 99/292


1st J Hindle 99/290

2nd H Bevan 97/282

3rd S Vella 91/264

Great results from everyone , we hope you enjoyed your time with us, thank you for coming everyone we really do appreciate it!!!!!

Good luck to everyone attending Bywell for the upcomg Home Int. European, British and World Championship,  espcially the England Team which such a lots of you have made this year,Good Luck , Lets hope the weather holds and we have a week to remember!!


Thank You 

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane

100 Reg DTL

26 May 2024

 A Much better day than forecast!!, entries were down a bit today but we still managed to welcome 48, We were treated to some amazing results, with Colin Heathcote posting the ultimate score 100/300, massive congratulations to Colin!!!!!

Her's what the rest of the scores looked like;


1st N Chapman 100/299

2nd E Furber 100/297

3rd = P Cerri & C Bushell 100/294


1st P Thomas 99/296

2nd JC Yarwood 99/295

3rd J Farrell 99/293


1st A Sage 97/285

2nd = S Clark & S Wakefield 96/283


1st A Gallagher 95/277

2nd J Hindle 96/274

3rd M Wilkinson 94/273

Many thanks to everyone that came and we hope you enjoyed your time with us!, we'd also like to thank all the staff for there time today!!!

Please remember that our next 100 Reg. will be 23rd June as it's The Bywell Weekend on our sunday, and we'll see you all up there !!!!

thanks again Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane.

100 Reg. DTL WCTSA Selection Selection Shoot

28 Apr 2024

Well it very cold to start off with, we even lit the fire!!!

But it turned out lovely in the end, thier was a good wind from behind which made a few tricky targets !  This didn't worry our High Gun though despite it been his first time at our ground, Congratulations to Mr M Howe with a cracking 100/298!! Great shooting, hope to see you again now!!.

The best of the rest were;


1st P Morgan 100/297

2nd I Mills 99/296

3rd  K Jones 99/295


1st A Williams 99/295

2nd= G Sayles & J Marshman 99/293


1st G LLoyd 99/292

2nd D Owen 96/286

3rd C Holden 96/285


1st J Hindle 94/274

2nd S Layton 95/273

3rd N Passey 92/269

great shooting everyone!!

The next shoot is the 12th May which is another Welsh Selection, so there will be a levey to pay.

Hope to see you all again then!! 

we would like to thank you all for your support as always!! and a massive thanks to our refs for there help at these days!!!

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane. 

200 Reg DTL The Holmes Chapel 200 Grand Prix

21 Apr 2024

We Couldn't have wished for a better weekend, it was even sunny for a change.....

We would like to thank all the kind gestures of help for this weekend, but most of all Malmo Guns who gave 250 cartridges to all the Winners of the classes and Junior and lady.

We'd also like to say thanks to Halliwell Jones for bringing a INEOS Grenadier!!!

Well you travelled the length and bredth of the country to  attend this wonderful weekend of shooting and we are truley thankful, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Some of you were even travelling between a Welsh selection and our Grand Prix!!! So Thank You!

We have to say that the scores were amazing all weekend with a 100/300 on the Saturday and another one today, so congratulations to Peter Relph and Dan Price.

So to the results:


1st P Turner & S Gardener 200/595

3rd I Mills 199/593 after a shoot off with P Relph


1st C Nightingale 199/589

2nd J Marshman 199/587

3rd= A Heywood  199/584 & J Bailey 197/584


1st A Leak 195/578

2nd P Hanlon 197/577

3rd J Tennison 195/575


1st J Hindle 193/565

2nd N Passey 187/552

3rd A England 187/549

Jnr I Mills 199/593

Ladies E Holden Hardy 197/586

So we would like to say thanks once again to you all, don't forget that it's a Welsh selection shoot next weekend, there will be a £4 levey to everyone,for the WCTSA.

we're looking forward to seeing you all there!!

100 Reg DTL and The Craig Bebbington Shoot Cancer Down charity Shoot

14 Apr 2024

Well We and I mean our Team of amazing staff that also need a big thanks, because without them we'd be nowhere!.

We had an amazing day and even the SUN came out for a bit, to support this amazing charity event !!

Between the shoot and the raffle you have raised the fantastic amount of £2237.00  THANK YOU all so much for your generosity !!!!

So for the results; Well It was one of those amazing days when everything comes together at the same time,  to achieve the perfect result, 100/300, Congatulations go to Paul Chaplow for the perfect score.

the best of the rest are;


1st  M Smith 99/295

2nd = P Relph & C Moule 99/294


1st C Nightingale 100/298

2nd J Simmons 99/292

3rd = M Child & N Farnsworth 98/289


1st R Stubbs 99/289

2nd G LLoyd 97/284

3rd J Kind 95/283


1st N Passey 96/285

2nd P Lowe 93/274

3rd A Gallagher 92/269 

Thank You to all of our Supports for todays event, you know who you all our!!!!!  From The Great big Prizes to the smallest Raffle prize we appreciated them all!!!!, You raised an amazing amout for this charity thats so close to our hearts. 

Also dont forget that next weekend is The First Holmes chapel SG 200 grand Prix, Lots to be won, Malmo Guns will be here with Cheddite cartridges,  Our Thanks to Bryan and the tean for thier support!!!

There are still some spaces left if you want to book on. 

Thank you Everyone 

Dave, helen, Toby and Jane.

100 Reg DTL and West Midlands Area DTL Champs

31 Mar 2024

It looked like we were in for a lovely warm spring day, but it soon changed !!, cold and quite windy!

But that wasn't going to get in the way of some great shooting!

High Gun today was won by Mr K Bond with a great score of 100/297, brilliant shooting Keith !!!!


1st = A Dore + D Price 100/296 & C Heathcote 99/296

3rd P Chaplow 99/295


1st A Davies 100/295

2nd = P Thomas 99/290, C Nightingale & P Mills 98/290

1st C Holden 98/287

2nd J Tennison 96/284

3rd E Roberts 97/282


1st S Pape 92/269

2nd C Hollowell 91/265

3rd E Cotteril 89/257


West Mids Champion after a shoot off between C Heathcote and D Price went to D Price congratulations to Dan 


Gold D Price

Silver C Heathcote

Bronze W Gent 


Gold C Heathcote

Silver C Moule 

Bronze C Bushell


Gold D Barnett

Silver S Milroy

Bronze J Dixon


Gold T Hurstfield 

We would like to thank everyone for coming, we hope that you enjoyed your time with us despite the wind !

Next shoot will be on the 14th April which will be The Craig Bebbington Shoot Cancer Down Charity Shoot. If you've not booked on get Going!!!!!

Thank you to all the staff as usual !!!

dave, Helen, Toby and Jane

100 Reg DTL

It Wasn't the best day for shooting , cold a a good breeze across the field made for some tricky targets!

But never the less there were some cracking scores coming in!, The best though came from Mr D Price with a perfect 100/300! Congratulations Dan, brilliant result..

the best of the rest were;


1st C Moule 100/298

2nd = C Heathcote & S Gardener 99/296


1st J Simmons 100/298

2nd G Parry 99/295

3rd = JC Yarwood 100/293, J Marshman & P Thomas 99/293


1st C Holden 98/293

2nd R Olden 98/292

3rd J Tennison 98/288


1st D Barnett 95/273

2nd P Lowe 91/267

3rd J Hindle 90/259

Congrates to you all, we hope you enjoyed your day with us!!

Please NOTE the date of our Next shoot is on 31st March due to the England selection shoot, this is a 100 Reg DTL & The West Midlands Area Champs. 

Many thanks to all the staff for there continued support!

Dave,Helen, Toby and Jane

100 Reg DTL and The Final Winter Series

A great day and atmospher for the Final in our Winter Series, with lots of the scores very close it would be the day for getting a good score!

For some it was the day they needed with some really good scores coming through.  The best score came from Mr C Moule with a cracking 100/298!!!

The best of  the rest were;


1st D Whitehead 99/295

2nd N Chapman 99/291

3rd S Gardener 99/290


1st K Waters 99/296

2nd T Devaney 99/294

3rd J Barnett 98/292


1st J Bailey 98/283

2nd J Tennison 97/280

3rd = S Sage 94/277 & R McKay 95/277


1st = M Wilkinson 96/276 & J Owen 95/276

3rd J Hindle 94/269

Holmes Chapel Winter Series 

High Gun over the eight shoots was Mr C Heathcote, a massive congatulations to Colin on a great result. 


1st Alan Evans

2nd David Priestman

3rd Peter Relph


1st John Barnett

2nd Craig Nightingale 

3rd John Simmons


1st Steve Smith

2nd John Tennison

3rd Sarah Milroy 


1st Peter Hanlon 

2nd Josoph Westwood

3rd John Owen 

It's been a Great winter, not weather wise!!!, Its been get to have you and we hope that you've enjoyed your time with us!!

Thanks to all for coming, dont forget we've got loads of shoots coming up so keep an eye out, most of all we have got Craigs "Shoot Cancer Down" on the 14th April and "The Gamebore DTL Grand Prix" on the 20th&21st April....

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane.

100 Reg DTL and number 9 in our Winter Series

11 Feb 2024

A Great day of shooting with hardly a breeze after all the weeks of gales that we've had to enjore!

So as you would exspect we'd get some big scores, and guess what we did! The High Gun today went to Mr A Evans with a cracking 100/299, massive congratulations Alan!!

The Best of the resr are:


1st = P Chaplow 99/292 & C Heathcote 98/292

3rd D Whitehead 99/290


1st C Nightingale 99/295

2nd C Lewis 99/294

3rd = J C Yarwood & P Sant 99/293 & J Barnett 98/293


1st D Owen 99/286

2nd D Bell 99/285

3rd = S Milroy 98/284, C Stanbrook 96/284,D Waring & J Tennison 95/284


1st A Foss 97/284

2nd S Vella 96/281

3rd N Passey 94/278

Great to see a fewnnew faces again, we hope to see you again soon!!!

Many thanks to everyone that came today, we hope you enjoyed your time with us!

Next shoot is the Final of the Winter Series. So do your best to be there!, 

H/G £300 & Trophy for the year


1st £125 + Trophy  

2nd 75

3rd 50 

Many thanks to the staff for there continued support!!!!!

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane 

100 Reg DTL 28/01/24

28 Jan 2024

Despite a strong wind we had a good day, the targets were a bit wobberly but not dreadful!!

It was a pleasure to see Mr S Gardener take High Gun in the trick conditions, So Big congratulations must go to Shaun with a 99/294!!

The classes are as follows;


1st = C Bushell 99/293 & O Collins 100/293

3rd E Holden Hardy 98/292


1st M Grant 99/293

2nd P Sant 99/292

3rd = J Barnett 98/288 & D Elliot 97/288


1st = A Ellison 96/282 & S Milroy 97/282

3rd C Wiley 97/281


1st J Westwood 96/279

2nd S Vella 96/275

3rd C K Hollowell 

Many Thanks as always to you all for making the effort to come and enjoy your time with us!

Also a great big thanks to all our staff for your time and effort!!

Next shoot is on the 11th Feb this will be number 9 of the winter series Only 1 shoot left after that.

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