Competition Results

100 Reg DTL & The Craig Bebbington DTL in Aid of Cancer Research

7 May 2022

Well what can we say : Amazing!!!!, The End....

High Gun today with the BEST you can GET !! Congratulations Must go to Mr C Wooley  100/300  on a day to remember, for ALL the WRIGHT reasons!!!!, Fantastic result Curtis!!!!, who alsp took the 100/300 prize pot as well as H/G.

AA was decided after a three way shoot off, with the winners as follow's;

1st SM Gardener 100/298

2nd D Preistman 100/298

3rd M Smith 100/298


1st K Bond 100/298

2nd K Waters 100/296

3rd W Palmer 100/294

1st I Kippax 100/298

2nd A Ellison 98/290

3rd R Thomas 99/288


1st S Scudder 95/279

2nd =A Sage + S Smith 94/276

Great results all round everyone!

The Craig Bebbington DTL In Aid Of Cancer Research

H/G Trophy + £200 Mr C Wooley

AA Sponsored by Team Gamebore - Mr S Gardener 100/298

A  Sponsored by Alan Rhone - Mr K Bond 100/298

B Sponsored by Paper Mill Park - Mr I Kippax 100/298

C Sponsored by Corsivia Clays - Mr S Scudder 95/279

Lady Sponsored By HCSG - Ms E Holden 98/288

Jnr Sponsored By Total Interior - Master T Hurstfield 96/282

Thank you to everyone for there generosity through out the day, you are all fantsastic !!

to those that gave to the prizes and the raffle an even bigger thanks goes to you all !!!!!

When we have a tatal for the day we will of coarse let you all know!!

Just a massive thanks from everyone at HCSG!!!

and to the staff " Great job today" 

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane


100 Reg DTL & Welsh DTL Selection Shoot

23 Apr 2022

We had a Lovely start to the Day, nice and sunny but then the wind started to blow, this didn't help anyone!!.

Then in the afternoon we had a trap start to play us up, We are very sorry about this and all we can say is that we don't like this happening and it is unusual for us, and we are very sorry for any inconvenience.

After all that we ended up with a tie for high Gun again, with Mr R Clarke and Mr W Andrews shooting a great 100/296, brilliant shooting !!!!

Here's the rest of the results;


1st= P Chaplow 99/295, R Collins 99/295 &  P Davies 100/295


1st  I Mills 100/295

2nd = K Bond 99/293, E Pritchard 98/293 & K Waters 98/293


1st =A Hargreaves & A Davies 98/288

3rd P Jesson 97/285


1st K Hudson 96/282

2nd T Griffiths 96/281

3rd E Davies 94/276

Thanks everyone and especially to the Welsh Guys that have travelled so far to be here with us, we really do hope it was worth it, and to the WCTSA for having a selection shoot here.

Many thanks to all the staff you did a great job yet again!!!

Next shoot the 8th May, The Craig Bebbington DTL Soot in aid of Cancer Research.

hope to see you there!!

100 Reg DTL + West Mid's Area DTL Championship

9 Apr 2022

Well we had a great day again today, lovely weather a cold wind and bright.

As well as our usual 100 Reg. we also had the West Mid's Area Champs today, we had quite a good turn out from the area and it was good shooting for most..

High Gun today with a brilliant score was Mr D Baugh with 100/298 which wasn't touched by anyone else, well shot Dave!!!


1st= SM Gardener and P Relph 99/294

3rd C Moule 98/292


1st C Bushell 100/295

2nd G Rodgers 99/291

3rd J Ruane 98/289


1st PE Jesson 99/292

2nd A Ellison 98/290

3rd J Hitchmough 96/284


1st S Smith 99/291

2nd K Hudson 96/275

3rd C Holden + I Turtle 93/272


Open Gold      C Bushell

Open Silver    S Gardener 

Open Bronze  P Relph 

Vet's Gold       C Bushell

Vet's Silver     C Weston

Vet's Bronze  G Rodgers

Lady's Gold      J Hitchmough

Lady's Silver    J Burton

Lady's Bronze J Dixon

Junior Gold      T Hurstfield

Junior Silver     T Hunt

Junior Bronze  C Barker

We did need a shoot off to decide the Silver and Bronze in the Open between S Gardener and 

P Relph  the outcome was that unfortunately Pete dropped a target and Shaun a barrel, but this didn't stop the Cheshire shooters from been on top spot in all the category's , brilliant result Cheshire!!!!!!

Many thanks to everyone who that came, we hope you enjoyed it!!!!

Thanks to the staff, as always great day!!!

See you all next time , thanks Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane.


100 Reg DTL and The First Welsh DTL Selection Shoot

27 Mar 2022

What an absolutely cracking day!!! The weather was lovely the targets were spot on and i think everyone was enjoying it. We were honoured to hold a Welsh Selection shoot here!.

We had some great shooting but the High Gun was won by four guys all with 100/298, Congratulations must go to; P Morgan, P Relph, S Gardener and to C Moule. Fantastic results 


1st R Clarke 99/297

2nd D Winters 100/296

3rd JC Yarwood 99/295

1st W Clifton 99/296

2nd = E Pritchard 99/295 & W Palmer 100/295


1st A Davies 99/294

2nd J Hitchmough 97/290

3rd M Williams 99/289


1st S Smith 97/289

2= Charlie Barker 97/282 & E Davies 95/282

Many thanks to you all for the support, we hope that all the shooters that travelled did enjoy it at our ground and that you are all going to try again next month!!!

thanks to the staff also, great job today!!!!!

Thanks Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane

100 Reg DTL

13 Mar 2022

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Hi Everyone,

Well yet again the weather's not helped with a good breaze making the targets somewhat of a challenge !!!

Never the less we had three fantastic results with 100/296 99/296 & 99/296 from C Moule, I Mills and P   Turner, brilliant shooting guys!!!


1st P Sant 99/293

2nd JC Yarwood 99/292

3rd SM Gardener 99/290


1st R Olden 98/292

2nd =K Waters & W Palmer 98/289


1st A Myres 97/282

2nd N Clarke 97/279

3rd R Thomas 94/277


1st K Hudson 95/276

2nd = C Wood & S Smith93/271

many thanks to everyone that came, it was lovely to see so many DTL shooters at a ground.

as always a massive thanks to all the staff for there hard work, and to Poppy trying to work out the new styem Sorry!!

thanks to Ian for stepping in for Ernie who isn't on great form, Get Better soon !!!

Welsh selection next time so be ready!!!

thanks again Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane

100 Reg. DTL

27 Feb 2022

Hi Everyone, 

We had a great day today but thier was a good breeze to test the Best!!!

A great result for High Gun today was Mr P Turner with 100/296 giving him £82.

AA £40

1st P Chaplow 100/294

2nd JC Yarwood 98/292

3rd P Relph 99/290

A £125

1st S Fiddler 98/294

2nd P Sant 99/293

3rd I Mills 98/291

B £95

1st TH Devaney 98/289

2nd R McGovern 97/284

3rd RC Thomas 96/282

C £60

1st TE Griffiths 96/281

2nd N Passey 94/276

3rd KF Hudson 95/271

Many thanks for coming today, we had loads of new faces so i hope you enjoyed yourselves and look forward to seeing you again soon.

thanks as alll ways to the staff for all there hard work!!

many thanks again Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane.

100 Reg DTL

13 Feb 2022

Many Thanks to those that braved the gale!!, it was a bit windy to say the least today, but we did have a winner with a great score in the conditions!!

High Gun today was won by Mr Dan Price with 100/296, congratulations Dan!!!


1st C Moule 97/287

2nd SM Gardener 97/283

3rd J Barnett 94/274


1st PA Thomas 99/292

2nd P Sant 97/286

3rd D Owen 96/282

1st= A Davies & J Johnson 95/277

3rd W Palmer 94/276


1st K Hudson 92/262

2nd J Czachar 88/255

3rd S Scudder 87/253

thanks again to all that came, great to see some new faces and we lookm forward to seeing you all again in a fourtnight. 

If there are any Welsh shooters that look at this then please note; if you are shooting the Welsh selection shoots, book on early, thanks..

cheers to all the staff today, great job as usual!!!

thanks Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane.

100 Reg DTL

23 Jan 2022

It aws a perffect day today, the dredded Sun didn't even try to show it's face!!

High Gun today was  P Turner with 99/296, good to see you again Paul!

AA £60

1st= P Morgan 100/295 & D Price 99/295

3rd DJ Morgan 99/294

A £95

1st T Hurstfield 99/295

2nd PA Thomas 98/291

3rd T Lloyd 99/290

B £130 

1st W Palmer 97/286

2nd = R McGovern & T Moir 96/285

C £45

1st= S Smith 92/268 & K Hudson 91/268

3rd N Passey 91/264

it was great to see you all today the weather was kind to us and we had some great shooting, we hope you all enjoyed it !! there were lots that had travelled some way and we're glad you came..

Many thanks 

thanks to all the staff as always 

thanks again Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane 

100 Reg DTL 9/1/21

9 Jan 2022

Hi All,

The Winter Sun came out to play with us again today, hopefuly from now on it should start to get better, with it getting higher. 

High Gun today was Mr C Moule with 99/293, well shot Chris!!!


1st TR Robinson 98/291

2nd = OJ Collins & SM Gardener 99/287


1st RJ Holden 99/292

2nd P Sant 98/289

3rd D Taylor 97/288

1st = R McGovern 96/280, TG Moir 94/280

3rd = W Palmer 96/279, RC Thomas 95/279


1st S Scudder 92/269

2nd N Passey 91/267

3rd AJ Williams 85/248

Many thanks to you all for coming to Holmes Chapel SG, we hope that you enjoyed yourselves and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!!

thanks to the staff for there help !!

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane.

100 Reg. DTL Christmas Bottle Shoot

28 Dec 2021

Not quiet as many shooters today, due to the COVID problems, so keep safe everyone.

We had a Great day despite this with good  conditions there were some good scores to be had, and by heck there were...... with High Gun been taken by TR Robinson with 100/298, well shot Tom!!


1st = SM Gardener 100/293 & C Moule 99/293

3rd RJ Collins 99/291


1st S Fiddler 100/297

2nd T Hurstfield 99/296

3rd WL Andrews 99/293 & J Stafford 98/293


1st I Hunt 96/283

2nd TG Moir 98/281

3rd J Tennison 94/279


1st N Passey 93/277

2nd S Smith 93/275

3rd J Owen 95/270

congratulations to you all, some great shooting today!

We hope you have a wonderful New Year and see you all on the 9/1/22. Thank you for all your support over the last 12 months!!

Many thanks especially goes to the staff for all there hard work!!

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane.