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Competition Results

100 DTL shoot 3 of winter series

HI everyone we hope you enjoued today,we expirenced some tough conditons today we thank you all for yuor patients and understanding throughout the day.We will carry on the new squad rotation system for the time being.We will be stopping at ten squads due to light conditions.

Two fantastic high guns today were Mr.P Sant & Mr.N Chapman on a fabulous score of 99/294


1st- C.Bebbington

     - P.Turner           98/290

2nd- R.J.Colins 

      - P.Parker      98/289


1st- G.Taylor   98/286

2nd- O.J.Colins    97/285

3rd- A.Ellison   95/283


1st- G.Nutter   98/288

2nd- M.Cliffe   96/285

3rd- K.Barningham 97/284


1st- N.Booth   92/270

2nd- T.Hurstfield   92/264

      - S.Scudder   

Thank you everyone for your contiuing support hope to see you all agian very soon!!

Many thanks Dave,Helen,Toby & Jane 

100 Bird DTL Competition

Well done everyone,we hope you have all had a great day at our shooting ground.

The high gun(s) of today were Mr.J Adams & Mr.C Bushell well shot guys,keep it up.


1st- RC Lewis   98/290

2nd- RJ Haines   97/288

3rd- P.Parker   97/282


1st- RM Faulkners   99/290

2nd- P.Greenwood   95/278

      - K.Waters   95/278


1st- G.Nutter   97/285

2nd- J.Bushell   95/279

      - G.Sayles   95/279


1st- E.Percival   95/281

2nd- N.Booth   91/265

3rd- S.Scudder   91/263

Thank you everyone for coming we hope you enjoyed your visit !!!

All the best 

Dave,Helen,Toby & Jane 


well done everyone we hope you all had a graet day at our shooting ground 

The high gun of todays shoot with a fantastic score of 100/299 was Mr.P Tuner 


1st- M.Turner  100/297

2nd- P.Parker  99/293

3rd- S.Gardner  96/284


1st- J.Titterington  100/295

2nd- RD.Olden  99/292

3rd- GT.Rodgers  98/290


1st- G.Nutter  99/293

2nd- J.Johnson  96/287

3rd- T.Warburton  97/285


1st- T.Hurstfield  99/290

2nd- I.Kippax  98/286

3rd- S.Clark  97/282

Thank you everyone  for coming today we hope you enjoyed your visit !!! 

All the best 

Dave,Helen,Toby and Jane 

100 Bird DTL Competition

Today wasa a Cheshire Selection shoot and what a good day it was to have one!,

There wasn’t a breath of wind and the targets seemed pretty good with some good scores to be had.

High gun today was Mr C Bebbington with 100/298 well shot Craig!!!


1st=P R Morgan  100/197

= I Roper        100/297

3rd RC Lewis        99/290


1st PR Richards 100/296

2nd E Furber 99/295

3rD P Sant 99/293


1st R Earlam 97/287

2nd J Johnson 96/283

3rd P Grugel 96/282


1st T Hurstfield 96/282

2nd E Percival 93/274

3rd P Baguley 93/2701

We had some more new faces again today which is great to see, thank you for coming over and we hope you enjoyed your visit .

Thanks to Lisa, Phil, Mum and Rachel for all there hard work today!!!

Hopefully we’ll see a  lot of you next weekend at Bywell, thanks everyone

Dave, Helen and Toby

100 Bird DTL Competition

It was a lovely day today, just a stiff breeze which made it entertaining!!!

High Gun today was Mr K Waters with 99/294


1st S Fiddler 99/291


1st E Furber 98/291

2nd A Pownall 98/290

3rd T Moir 97/288


1st J Johnson 98/287

2nd C McGovern 95/282

3rd A Sage 95/281


1st T Hurstfield 97//280

2nd P Baguley 94/272

3rd R McKay  90/261

Many thanks to everyone who came today and for saying Happy Birthday to Toby, who turned to massive age of 13 today !!

Hopefully you all enjoyed it!

Thanks to Phil and Alan for Reffing today, and we hope to see you soon.

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane..

100 Bird DTL Competition

The rain, lightening and thunder kept away today and some high scores followed!

High Gun was won by Mr I Roper with 100/299, Congratulations Ian!!


1st D Price 100/294

2nd=  SM Gardener 100/294 + P Relph 99/294


1st GT Rodgers 100/295

2nd = A Paige 99/292 + A Ellison 99/292


1st K Barningham 99/292

2nd M Clarkson 98/289

3rd CA McGovern 98/287


1st = K Bagnall 98/287 + IS Kippax 97/287

3rd N Booth 93/274

Thanks everyone for coming it was a great day !

Thank you to all the staff who help make the day go so well.

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane

100 Bird DTL Competition

What a great day we had today, the weather was kind and we had a storming day !!

With some fantastic shooting in all classes.

High Gun today with a brilliant score S Gardener 100/299


=1st P Chaplow & P Parker 100/297

3rd R Collins 100/296


1st B Hutchinson 99/297

2nd R Simpson 99/296

3rd K Waters 99/294


=1st G Nutter & A Sage 98/288

3rd T Gardener 97/287


1st N Booth 97/281

2nd L Martin 95/279

3rd T Hurstfield 93/271

Many thanks to Molly, Phil, Lisa and Alan today for such a good job, we were fully booked and it ran brilliantly many thanks!!

Also to Mum!

See you all soon, next shoot is on the 28th July, Good Luck to the Cheshire squads at the West Mids Inter Counties on the same day.

Many thatnks Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane

100 Bird DTL Competition

It was what you might call a bit wet today!! We had some good shooting never the less, with an impressive high gun score by Mr GT Rodgers 99/297 well shot Geoff !!


1st K Bond 99/296

2nd = P Relph 99/290

= T Gynne 97/290


1st R McGovern 99/293

2nd B Hutchinson 97/289

3rd A Ellison 99/286


1st J Johnson 98/288

2nd J Richards 96/284

3rd A Sage 95/282


1st T Hurstfield 97/283

2nd = P Baguley + E Percival 92/270

Thanks everyone that came over today, it was great to see you and we hope tom see you again soon,  thank you to Alan and Jack who referred today and did a great job.

Dave, Helen, Toby and  Jane

100 Bird DTL Competition

We had a great day after a bit of rain early on we didn’t see any after that all day, just a bit of wind from behind which just pushed the odd one down.

Mr R McGovern took the early lead with 99/295 but it wasn’t until the last squad that Mr J Linnel took the High Gun with a 100/297 very well shot!


1st NP Chapman 99/294

2nd A Greenstock 99/292


1st R McGovern 99/295

2nd= L Furber 100/294

=TH Devaney 99/294


1st I Foster 97/286

2nd R Pierpoint 97/285

3rd J Richards 96/284

1st A Myers 98/286

2nd S Goth 97/281

3rd E Percival 96/280

Thank you to everyone that came today and we hope you enjoyed the shooting, its the Cheshire Champs. Next shoot and Zoli Shotguns will be here with a demo stand so that you can try one of there guns, jlets hope its not raining!!

Thanks to Lisa, Phil for reffing and to Mum in the kitchen and Molly in the office.

Many thanks

David, Helen, Toby and Jane

100 Bird DTL Competition

It was a great day and everyone was in good spirits, with even more new faces today but the winners were mostly regulars to our shoot.

The wind was quite strong at times and they weren’t just as easy as it had been first thing this morning but never the less there was some great shooting!!

We  were also supported by the ZOLI shotgun demo stand today and it drew quite a crowd, it looked like there were some nice guns to try!! Many thanks to Becky and Edgar Bros. For coming today.

Cheshire Champion was PG Richards with 100/295 who shot on the last squad!!

Mens was  M Harris & P Sant who drew but had both gone!

Ldys was J Bushell95/280

Vets. GT Rodgers 98/291

Jnrs  T Hurstfield  98/286

H/G RC Lewis 99/296


1st I Roper 99/295

2nd K Bond 100/294

3rd M Harris 98/293


1st PG Richards 100/295

2nd RM Faulkner 99/294

3rd GT Rodgers 98/291


1st M Warburton 98/285

2nd J Tennison 96/284

3rd = TE Griffith. S Edmond 97/282


1st= T Hurstfield, A Myres 98/286

3rd N Booth 93/274

Thanks for coming everyone it was a pleasure to have you all

Thanks to the staff!!!!!

David, Helen, Toby and Jane.

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