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Competition Results

100 Single Barrel, west Mids Area Champs

24 Sept 2023

Today we held the West Mids Area Single Barrel Champs, what a day to hold it, just when you get to use one barrel the wind blows !!!!. Never the less we had a good turn out for this event, The wind definitely didn't help anyone. the overall winner was Mr P Relph with 94, this makes him Area Champion and Cheshire Champion. Congatulations to Peter !!!!

So Snr

Gold P Relph 94

Silver D Price 93

Bronze M Grant 92


Gold = C Heathcote & G Evans 93

Silver = A Ellison, C Moule & I Roper 91

Bronze = J Mason, J Owen & R Olden 90


Gold J Hitchmough 76

Silver  C Wilson 73

Bronze D Barnett 71


Gold T Hurstfield 88

Cheshire Champioship 

Champion P Relph 94

Snr  S Smith 89

Ladies J Hitchough 76

Junior T Hurstfield 88

Veteran P Sant 89

Hereford and Worcester


Champion D Price 93

Veteran C Moule 91

OK now to the Classes:

High Gun P Relph 94


1st D Price 93

2nd = A Rowley & C Moule 91


1st G Evans 93

2nd M Grant 92

3rd I Roper 91


1st C Heathcote 93

2nd A Ellison 91

3rd J Mason 90


1st J Owen 90

2nd = P Bridger & P Hanlon 84

Many thanks to everyone for attending this, we do appreciate you coming, we'd also like th thanks all of our staff for there invaluable support !!!!!!!

Next shoot;

The Gamebore DTL Grand Prix Next Weekend !!!!!

Hope to see you all to top form for this !!!!

thanks Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane

100 reg DTL

10 Sept 2023

An Absolutley perfect day for DTL, with some big scores by lots of shooters, but there was only the One perfect score shot by Junior  Mr I Mills 100/300!!!!   Massive Congratulations to Iwan on a wonderful shoot!!!!



1st K Jones 100/297

2nd C Heathcote 99/296

3rd P Sant 98/288


1st = R Collins & O Collins 99/296

3rd J Simmons 100/295


1st C Holden 97/290

2nd W Bushell 98/289

3rd S Smith 98/286


1st P Hanlon 97/286

2nd N Passey 95/279

3rd J Owen 93/274

We just wanted to say thank you to you all for your continued support, we really appreciate your comments on our ground !!

Many thanks to all the staff who yet again have done a sterling job as always!

100 Reg DTL

Well the rain kept away and the wind wasn't to bad!!!

Thanks to everyone that came to make a great day here..

The High Gun for the second time in as many weeks was Mr C Heathcote with 99/296 great shooting again Colin, Congratulations !!


1st O Collins 96/281


1st R Collins 99/294

2nd R Sneyd 99/293

3rd R Thomas 99/289


1st = J Simmons & S Smith 98/290

3rd R Olden 94/281


1st N Passey 96/285

2nd J Owen 95/278

3rd C K Hollowell 95/276

Many thanks to all the staff for there hard work again, and to everyone for coming to make every day a great exsperience with us.

thanks again 

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane

100 Reg DTL West Midlands Inter Counties DTL Champs.

20 Aug 2023

What a great day we had, lots of new faces that don't shoot DTL very offten came to take part in this. 

We had lots of teams in the catergies but the only one we were short of were the juniors, please lets try and get a few more younger people involved in our wonderful sport...

As for the shooting in the Open/Senior cat. with a team of 6 with 5 to count the silver/bronze position had to be shot off for with a tie between Staffordshire and Derbyshire, with Derbyshire taking the Silver.

Inter Counties results

Open/ senior


Silver Derbyshire

Bronze Staffordshire


Gold Staffordshire

Silver Derbyshire

Bronze Shropshire 


Gold Cheshire 1

Silver Cheshire 2

Bronze Derbyshire


Gold Hereford & Worcester

Silver Derbyshire

Bronze Shropshire

Many thanks for all the kind words about our shooting ground, we very much appreciate it!!!!

Now for the individual results;

High Gun went to A Gutteridge with a great score of 100/296, congatulations!!!


1st = I Roper 100/294 & D Weston 99/294

3rd = A Greenstock & C Heathcote 99/293

A 1st J Barnett 99/290

2nd = A Christe & S Dutton 98/289


1st A Ellison 97/286

2nd S Milroy 97/281

3rd T Lloyd 97/280


1st J Bushell 97/282

2nd J Kingston 94/277

3rd D Barnett 93/275

A Massive thanks to all the staff as usual great job done !!!!!

Next shoot is this Sunday the 27th if your interested 

thanks Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane

100 DTL & The James Holden Memorial Shoot

13 Aug 2023

What a fantastic day we had, lots to enjoy!!, and to top it off the shooting was amazing!

We had Four 100/299's in for High Gun, C Woolley, K Jones, C Heathcote and I Mills. 

So we went to shoot off's with K Jones and C Heathcote coming out in the first round by the closest of margins, but with I Mills and C Woolley both going straight, We went to single barrel for the second round, this was close!! but in the end C Woolley dropped a couple and I Mills dropped One to win the James Holden Memorial Trophy.

A massive congatulations to Iwan Mills 100/299, what a great day!!!!!!!!

So here we go :


1st C Woolley 100/299

2nd C Heathcote 100/299

3rd K Jones 100/299


1st L Holden 100/297

2nd J Ruane 99/294

3rd C Bushell 99/293

1st S Smith 99/290

2nd = J Simmons 98/288 & W Bushell 97/288


1st C Jones 95/278

2nd J Hindle 94/275

3rd E Davies 92/272

We'd like to say a massive thanks to everyone for your support at this event and to everyone that stayed until the end for the prizes, thanks!!

AS always to our wonderful staff for all there hard work!!!!!!

Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane.

county results

100 Reg DTL & Cheshire 7 H/W County Championship

A pretty windy day here which didn't help, but the rain kept off !!!

The High Gun today was won by Mr JF Yarwood, he had to wipe off the cobwebs from his gun after putting it away last year after the last Championship. Amazingly he shot a 100/299 to take H/G and County Champion, congratulations John!!!


1st K Bond 100/296

2nd D Price 99/293

3rd P Relph 99/292


1st = S Dutton & K Grimes 95/284

3rd W Palmer 97/283


1st T Lloyd 95/281

2nd A Ellison 95/280

3rd D Waring 94/277


1st E Cottril 91/265

2nd J Kingston 89/263

3rd N Passey 88/262

CHeshire Champion - JF Yarwood 100/299

Mens -  P Relph 99/292

Vets - E Furber 98/291

Ldys - J Hitchmough 93/275

Jnr - NA

H/W Champion - D Price 99/293

Vets - T Llyod 95/281

Ldys - NA

Jnr - NA

Many thanks to all the staff as always we are greatful for everything you do!!

We will be back on Sunday 13th Aug for The Jim Holden Memorial DTL Shoot....

thanks Dave, Helen, Toby and Jane.

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100 Reg DTL & The Craig Bebbington Shoot Cancer Down Charity Shoot

16 Jul 2023

Firstly we have to say Thank you all for attending and for making a very specail day even better, your donations made for an amazing  raffle!!!!, so thanks to one and all!. We have just a few special people to thank, Total Interiors for the H.G. Money, Paul Chaplow Plumbing, Gamebore cartridges, Hull Cartridges, HCSG, and Alan Rhone for all there generosity !!!

We hope that you enjoyed it as well, you raised £1200.00 from the shoot, unsure on what the raffle made at this moment.

So too the shoot, we had one of our own Cheshire shooters taking the Prize of £200 and the trophy with 100/296 So Well shot too Mr P Relph, great shooting Peter!!!!!


1st =K Bond & D Price 100/295, 99/295

3rd D Garett 100/294


1st W Palmer 98/290

2nd S Eley 98/289

3rd C Morris 97/287


1st S Cureton 98/291

2nd N Scott 95/280

3rd S Smith 95/278


1st C Jones 95/277

2nd K Parker 93/268

3rd A Staffer 89/261

Ladies went to E Holden Hardy

Juniors went to Toby Hurstfield

100 Reg DTL & Cheshire Selection shoot

A great day here at Holmes Chapel there was a little bit of a head wind that did move a couple, But that didn't stop Mr N Chapman who was on supper form to shoot the perfect 100/300

Congatulations Nigel great result!!!!

the best of the rest:


1st E Jones 100/297

2nd S Gardener 98/292

3rd K Jones 98/291


1st S Dutton 100/297

2nd J Titterington 99/295

3rd R Lewis 100/293


1st S Smith 98/290

2nd J Hitchmough 97/286

3rd J Tennison 97/283

1st R Thomas 97/287

2nd C Jones 97/283

3rd A Staffer 96/281

Great shooting everyone !!!!!!

Many thanks to all the staff as always!! IF there is anyone who fancy's a bit of reffering please let us know.

Next shoot is next Sunday 16th The Shoot Cancer Down Charity Shoot.

If you can donate a raffle prize please bring one with you.

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